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A way to incorporate book reviews by freelance reviewers on my literary magazine website

Background: The magazine publishes quarterly, in March, June, September, and December. As a way of increasing traffic and maintaining reader interest in the interim, we decided to begin publishing occasional reviews of books of poetry and small-press editions of prose works. The design question was how to best incorporate the reviews into the magazine website so that the reviews will be easy to find and will add positively to the reader experience (as well as to draw in new readers.)

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A way to keep squirrels from raiding our bird feeder.

Background: We have invested in several “squirrel-proof bird feeders.” Not only have none of them proven squirrel-proof, but one was actually dismantled and carried off into the woods by naughty squirrels. Nothing seems to deter them– they chew through plastic and enjoy a game of flying trapeze.

We want to figure out a way to feed the birds without fattening the local squirrel population.

Grey Squirrel 3