Help me pick a design!

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Concept and Prototype A: “Busy” look with full site-wide sidebars. Book icon is in upper left and author’s photo/bio are at bottom.


Concept Sketch G (9)

Prototype G (9)












Concept and Prototype B: Full width text (to distinguish from literary site content, which is presented with 300 px padding). Book icon at top; reviewer bio and photo at bottom. Dotted border.


Concept Sketch F (8)

Concept 8

Prototype F (8)












Concept and Prototype C: Displaying reviews inline with the existing Editors’ Blog.


Concept Sketch G (10)

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 7.38.05 PM

Prototype G (10)











Concept D: The text of the review has 300 px padding to the right. To the right is an example that is also live on the site.

Concept 6



Help me pick a design! — 2 Comments

  1. D I am assuming that this is for an on-line publication (that’s how I see Cleaver. Sidebars are very annoying to read on a scrolling screen. I don’t really like multiple columns because I have to scroll up again to continue. I also do not like print that is very wide (like the bottom of D though I do not mind the photos in the columns. I read a line at a time and do not like any printing so wide that I have to do it in more than one scan per line.

  2. D (on my computer.) But I wonder if that would work as well on my phone. . .