Thoughts on completing Week 2, entering Week 3

  • My grades for Week 1 (peer evaluations) seemed to pretty accurately reflect the work I did. I got full points for everything except the photo of the prototype, which was flawed because I didn’t have a wide-angle lens, so there was no way to see the whole prototype. My awkward chair drawing received full credit with the notation: “Simple, but filled the requirements.” Perhaps “simple” was too kind.
  • I just finished watching the videos for Week 3. It’s quite a lot to watch, but again, I found the material to be interesting and not too challenging. The possible exception was the 28-minute lecture by the TA on drawing in 2-point perspective. Although I understood everything as it went by, I also realized that it would take me many hours of practice to really master this skill. I did learn to draw like this as a child, but it’s been years. I have a sense that these drawing skills should be a pre-requisite for this course: an earlier course in technical drawing. As someone who is not trained in technical drawing, I feel as if I am at a serious disadvantage. For example, this week’s lectures in “Decomposition” by Professor Ulrich feature him creating charming thumbnail sketches of each example. It is impossible for me, at my skill level, to create sketches like these. If I were to take a preliminary course in technical drawing, then I would have a realistic chance of putting my ideas to paper.
  • At this point, I don’t have 40 hours to devote to Week 3’s assignments. My choices seem to be either to a) pick a different project, something that is more conceptual and 2-dimensional (such as the Renga Website project); b) muddle through with bad drawings; c) give up on the homework and just watch the lectures. But I know if I choose c) I will stop feeling engaged with the projects. If I choose b) I will be come discouraged. Is a) the right choice? Should I switch projects?
  • If I switch projects, does this mean I have to redo last week’s homework? I don’t have time to do that, either.


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