Thoughts on completing Week 1, entering Week 2

  • Perhaps I should have chosen a Coursera course that is more in line with my own skill level. Although I am very interested in the content of the course, I am not skilled enough at drawing, and I have no ability to make 3-D models, nor do I have the right equipment.
  • On the other hand, one of my goals was to do a course that would put me out of my comfort zone and would call on me to use methods other than reading and writing text, or dealing in 2-D design.
  • From perusing the forums, I am very impressed by the earnest cheerful collegiality of my fellow students, many of whom are quite accomplished drafts-persons (is that a word?) Many enrolled in the class seem to be trained as architects and product designers, so I feel a little intimidated when I view their work. I have not detected any sense of arrogance or competition, just mutual support.
  • 30K+ is a heck of a big class. I wish I could have a smaller peer group so that I could follow the work of a selected subset. The size of the class feels overwhelming.
  • For me, as a neophyte, the lectures seem to be pitched at just about the right level of difficulty. They are engaging, but I never find myself lost. On a very few occasions during the Week 1 and Week 2 videos I have fast-forwarded because I understood the point that was being elaborated. On about the same number of occasions, I’ve had to rewind to listen to a point again. I am taking notes on my computer (typing them) as I listen (because that is how I best learn, through writing words) but I have not had to actually refer back to my notes while doing the assignments.
  • I enjoyed doing the Week 1 evaluations, but I am used to evaluating student work in my role as a teacher. I notice from some comments on the forums that other students find evaluations difficult.


Thoughts on completing Week 1, entering Week 2 — 2 Comments

  1. Hi
    I’m grading your work, even though as reading your website, I find very much the same difficulty. And I don’t know how to work design programs on the computer and see everybody is actually especialized. However, I don’t find all the classmates friendly since some of them seem to require a level that I can’t provide. I find it a little frustating for they graded me low for this lack of level.
    Well, I’m hoping to have fun and learn and not care about the results.
    I like your website. Good job! 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comment! Yes, I do feel that I am among the least-qualified members of the class. But I’m still learning a lot and hoping to hang on.