Assignment #1.2


My ten gaps:

  1. A way to keep the slippery laces of my running shoes from untying themselves.
  2. A way to keep the sheets tucked in at the bottom of the bed on warm nights when they are not weighted down by a quilt.
  3. A way to keep squirrels from raiding our bird feeder.
  4. A way to archive the many, many, many unwieldy sized pieces of artwork our kids made when they were young.
  5. A system for organizing the hundreds of tangled cables, storage drives, and other electronic stuff in my office closet so I don’t keep re-buying the same objects.
  6. A solution to the annoying problem of where to put my purse so I can access it while driving if there is a passenger up front beside me.
  7. A system for keeping track of our cars’ milage so we don’t forget to change the oil and inadvertently void our warranties.
  8. A way to do a Renga chain electronically.
  9. How to keep plastic water bottles from turning into hot, toxic, BPA cocktails when I leave them in the car on a hot day.
  10. A way to keep socks from losing their mates in the wash.

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